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Armenian women are particularly recognized for their beauty and sharp intellect. The oldest literary expression by Armenian women obtainable to us right now in writing is the poetry of two eighth-century CE women, Khosrovidukht of Goghtn and Sahakdukht of Syunik.

Although we mostly hear about Armenian men, Armenian women have also had their impression on the nation and its culture. Here are a number of the most famous Armenian women on the planet today. Women play a significant position in any society, and Armenia is actually no exception.


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The refugees principally got here from Cilicia, Smyrna, Ionia, Constantinople and different regions of Asia Minor. The Greco-Armenians had been very lively in artwork and commerce producing painters like Edouard Sakayan. Today, immigration to North America has diminished the Armenian population of Greece. The Armenian presence in Greece started centuries ago when Armenians, for various causes, considered one of which includes the Armenian Genocide of 1915, left Armenia and settled within the wider area of Thessaly, Macedonia and Thrace. Traces of Armenians can also be found on the Greek islands of Crete and Kerkyra .

Following the Armenian literary renaissance of the nineteenth century, and the unfold of educational alternatives for ladies, a number of other writers emerged, amongst them the nineteenth-century feminist writer Srpouhi Dussap, considered the first feminine Armenian novelist. She, like her up to date, Zabel Sibil Asadour, is usually associated with Constantinople and the Western Armenian literary tradition. Zabel Yesayan, also born in Constantinople, bridged the gap with Eastern Armenian literature by settling in Soviet Armenia in 1933. The literary renaissance and its accompanying voice of protest additionally had its representatives in the East with poet Shushanik Kurghinian(1876–1927) of Aleksandrapol .

The Armenians in Greece however, acquired the character of a community after the Nineteen Twenties, when 70,000 to eighty,000 survivors of the Armenian Genocide fled to Greece from Cilicia, Smyrna, Ionia, Constantinople and different areas of Asia Minor, scattering throughout Greece. Less than one third of the world’s Armenian inhabitants lives in Armenia. Their pre-World War I inhabitants area was six instances bigger than that of present-day Armenia, including the jap areas of Turkey, northern part of Iran, and the southern a part of Georgia.

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Notable Women From Armenia

Sylvia Kaputikyan and Maro Markarian are most likely the best-recognized women poets from the Republic of Armenia of the 20th century, and continued the custom of political speech through poetry. In spite of the inferior position of ladies in Armenian society, the Armenian Apostolic Church allowed women larger alternatives armenian brides for assuming clerical roles than most other Christian traditions. Unlike the Eastern Orthodox, nevertheless, they have been strongly opposed to divorce, and in consequence the divorce price in traditional Armenia has always been among the lowest within the Christian world.

Where once they used to have seven or eight children, women in Armenia at present give start just once, on average. In the past, if the last child was a woman, she could be known as the Armenian word for “Enough”, as if no one could possibly be bothered to call her.

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Today, the Armenian diaspora refers to communities of Armenians dwelling outdoors of Armenia. The total Armenian inhabitants dwelling worldwide is estimated to be eleven,000,000. It’s broadly accepted that Jesus existed, though the historicity of the events of his life remains to be hotly debated.

More Armenians Live Abroad Than In Armenia

a member of any of the peoples talking an Indo-European language. After the genocidal marketing campaign of the Ottoman Empire towards the Armenians and Greeks, Greece welcomed a big influx of refugees consisting of about eighty,000 Armenians and 1,500,000 Greeks into its nation.

There are some women you will by no means see as a result of they may by no means be born. Typically, Armenians will both use international names, Biblical names, or historical names for their kids. For example, Mary, Milena, Ellen, Diana, Liana, Lena, Lily, and different common feminine names are also used internationally. As Armenians are Christians, it is also regular to come across women who are named after Biblical figures, mostly Mary , the mom of Christ. Armenians also have their very own variations of in style international names, similar to Heghine (Helen/Helena), Hasmik , Silva (Sylvia/Celia), and Mariam .

Political Life

But language historians can shed light on what language a carpenter’s son from Galilee who turned a non secular leader would have spoken. The current Open Comments threads will live on for individuals who do not subscribe to Independent Premium. Due to the sheer scale of this comment neighborhood, we are not in a position to give every submit the same degree of consideration, but we now have preserved this space within the interests of open debate. Please proceed to respect all commenters and create constructive debates.

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